Olive Toppings & IIT

Namaste to all readers!
My maiden blog that I start with a lot of enthusiasm. The current thought that goes through my mind is to keep the embers of my blogging bug alive always! Let’s see how it goes…
I should also give credit to my teacher who enthused me into capturing my thoughts. What’s better than a blogging platform with today’s technology offering. Here goes my first one.

Allen, Aakash, Byju – these are not names of my friends or neighborhood boys – but household names that you will hear if you are a high school student in India. I’ve only named three but you see such tutorials and coaching centres mushrooming everywhere. I attend one of these myself! Great efforts by all at the institution to help me crack the IIT, JEE, CET, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, KVPY. I’m getting smarter by the day, but negative marking continues to trick me and keeps my India ranking in triple digits. I cannot fathom how this ranking will change when the finals are up and multitudes of students across the country are stacked up!

A pizza outing with school buddies, a steaming Veggie Supreme pizza arrived. Cheese, jalapenos, baby corn, olives, capsicum, onions, … you know what else the topping has and you get the picture. I carved out my slice of pizza focusing on the most generous distribution of olives. They rolled off during my clumsy battle with the ever elongating cheese! A sense of loss crept in!

Pizza toppings and competitive exams – I am getting to it! This is my first blog remember!

Why was I fussing over the lost olives? It clearly wasn’t the last olive. It clearly wasn’t the last choice of topping – jalapenos and mushrooms are a hot favorite too! I don’t know why the olive that day seems like an elusive IIT seat! What if I were to take a non-olive route and take the jalapeno route? Does my pizza/ education come to a standstill if the olive/IIT is out? I would like to believe not.

My dad mentioned an acquaintance pursuing solar engineering in Holland, during a leader speak session at school we heard the person pursues a career in earth science & geo physics, what about our computer science teachers, game designers, sound engineers, instructors at the Aakashs and Allens – Did they all write the IIT entrance and make the cut? I have no idea.

A recent news clip made me wonder on the importance given by students to these competitive exams. Apparently, there are student suicides as a result of not making it into an IIT or AIIMS. Does not meeting the cut means failure? Did all other options die out too?

Well, I don’t know how it will be two years from now when I actually write a competitive exam. I will continue to shoot for the olives because we are wired that way. But I should also remind myself that jalapenos and mushrooms could also be great options. Not saying grapes are sour but I need to remind myself that olives are not the end of my options…

Adz Madhavan signing off until my mind rumbles again!

10 thoughts on “Olive Toppings & IIT

  1. Very nice! Very much true in this scenario
    It’s almost a thought that runs in the back of everyone’s mind, and we still refuse to accept it..
    Pragmatic approach to real life!


  2. Dear Ads,
    I am your grandma’s friend and schoolmate, Zeenath. We had great fun together growing up. Just read your blog and it reminded me of the journal we used to keep back in the day.
    I am so impressed with your writing and I am sure you are one smart cookie.
    Keep going for those olives, the jalapenos and mushrooms will be there still, and all three will taste better together. Good luck in your adventures!

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  3. Very nice kid, I can understand ur confusion as my daughter is also seated in onesta. I am telling u what i told her. Just enjoy ur pizza with what ever toppings u like whole heartedly, u enjoying the pizza is more important….Good luck

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  4. Nice one Advaith. You have captured what’s in the minds of a lot of students out there. You made the point that scoring high marks in these competitive exams are only not the way for career, there are many out there and we need to see with open mind. Wishing you all the best and looking forward for many blogs like these.

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  5. Advaith it’s good you highlight Ed this problem that “IIT IIT IIT is the only way and if you don’t get a good rank think that your life useless” these exams can even ruin your desire to learn I feel that these “competitive exams” shouldn’t even exist in the first place
    Why try to write an exam where there’s a 18% chance of getting a “good” rank?

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  6. Dear Advaith,
    I am deeply impressed by the maturity of your thoughts and how well you’ve brought it out with an analogy between Olives, Jalapenos and ones career. As is often said and is true, there’s no single and sureshot recipe to success! Continue your rumbling and I will be more than happy to peep in and comment! Good luck and Godspeed! 👍🏻

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  7. Dear Advaith,
    Ms. Vani , my friend asked me to go through your post.
    Congrats to your maidan attempt. I am into education and I come across such indecisive issues even in PG level.
    I advice students to stick on to one goal…if you have decided IIT then you should be deciding which IIT too. If engineering anywhere then your focus gets distorted…
    I feel very sad to see many parents forcing their wards into all available entrance tests…that’s is the first mistake which may lead to what you said ” suicide”, mentally many times and physically some times.
    So decide olives or jalapenos…also which state olive / jalapenos…you will reach your goal..

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